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Here at Walnut Valley Puppies our goal is to provide puppies with good temperaments, great looks, and ultimately in great health! While we can not guarantee what color or gender each litter will produce, we can help you get a good idea of what to expect based on previous litters. We have general goals of how many litters we would like to produce and then rely upon heat cycles and dam body mass index to be exceptional before we breed. If there are concerns for the health of our dams, we won't breed them during that heat cycle. Our general goal is to produce approximately 10 litters of F1 Mini bernedoodles, 1-2 litters of F1b mini bernedoodles, and 2-3 litters of Standard bernedoodles on an annual basis.
At this point the approximate wait time for each breed is, F1 Mini Bernedoodle = 12-18 months, F1 Standard Bernedoodle = 8-12 months, F1B Mini Bernedoodles = 10-14 months.
These numbers are approximate and can vary significantly based on the many variables in our puppy life. We only breed our females if they are healthy and ready for pregnancy. Even then, there is no guarantee that they will have puppies, or how many they have if they do get pregnant.

Our Reservation List is for future litters (Unborn puppies) and current litters with puppies that have been born but are not old enough to be picked out yet. (Puppies are picked out at 5 weeks old) To be placed on the list we require a $500.00 deposit. This deposit is made on our Purchase 1-2-3 page.  Once you have been pre-approved and subsequently deposited, you will be placed onto the Reservation List (see list below). Deposits are 75% Refundable and can be refunded for any reason. There is no way that you can know for sure that we will have a puppy for you in the future and we understand that. We fully respect your decision if you find a puppy elsewhere or change your mind for any other reason. In such a case we would refund 75% of your deposit. ($375.00 on a $500.00 deposit) After you pick a puppy the deposit becomes completely non-refundable. Reservations are honored in order of deposits placed.

When you place a deposit for a future litter your name is placed on the list on a "first come, first pick" basis. When puppies come, we update the website within a few days with details of the litter. We take pictures of the puppies when they are several days old, at 3 weeks old, and then again when they're 5 weeks old. Once the puppies are 5 weeks old we will take updated pictures and videos of each puppy and then start on top of the Reservation List and let people pick out their puppies. We can help you with your decision by taking videos and/or via a FaceTime call. (If you would like to see the litter in person before making a decision, you will have to visit the puppies when they're between 4 and 5 weeks old) Once it's your turn to pick, you can choose an available puppy OR decide to skip your turn for that litter and wait for a subsequent litter, at which time you would likely have a higher pick.

We will be contacting you (usually via text) when your turn is getting close and if you choose to pass we will then move onto the next person(s). It is imperative that you respond within 4 hours after being notified of an available puppy of your interest. Otherwise we will have to keep moving down our list. We ask that you keep an eye on our website as well as our FaceBook and Instagram pages for current and upcoming litters. If you don't respond to our text and/or email notification of currently available puppies then we assume you will want to wait. In such a case we will hold your spot on the Reservation List and continue moving down the list to others waiting on their turn.

As stated above, any deposits made after May 1, 2020 will be 75% REFUNDABLE until a puppy is picked out. After a puppy is picked out the deposit will be NON-REFUNDABLE.

ATTENTION! We reserve the right to keep any puppy from any litter for breeding purposes.

If you want to know where you will be on the list, please check the waitlist below to see how many people are ahead of you, then click the link at the bottom of this page to start the process.

Current Litters

Born May 9 - Starting the selection process, June 15 (Standard) Queenie & Keno - 3 females, 3 males

Born May 29 - Starting the selection process, July 3 (Mini) Sadie & Sammy - 5 females, 3 males

Upcoming Litters

Mini F1 Litter Due July 26 - Krissy & Sammy (Not confirmed Pregnant)

Mini F1 Litter Due August 7 - Sugar & Sammy (Not confirmed Pregnant)

Mini F1B Litter Due August 20 - Laurel & Sammy (Not confirmed Pregnant)

Notes for our waitlist families

We will keep all our current and upcoming litters posted here. If you are on the list, keep an eye on this page for upcoming litters and to see your spot on the list. Also mark your calendars with the "Starting the selection process" date so you don't miss us when it's your turn to pick a puppy. Remember, you might get a chance to pick out a puppy sooner than what your spot on the list indicates. For example, if there are 10 puppies in a litter and you are at #12, you may get a chance to pick one of the puppies in that litter if the people ahead of you decide to wait for a future litter.
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Hey friends,
My wife, Grace, and I are going on our first anniversary trip and will be gone from July 13th thru July 28. Javin (618 421-8981) will be taking all your calls and texts while we're gone. If you have questions please direct them to him! Thanks for understanding and I look forward to connecting with you when we come back home!

Reservation List

F=Female     M=Male    NP=No Preference

F1 Mini

  1. M - JCR
  2. F - Andrea L (2022)
  3. M - Gina B
  4. NP - Christa K
  5. F - Jessica A
  6. F - Jocelyn H
  7. M - Samantha A
  8. F - Ashley W
  9. F - Stephen G
  10. NP - Jake M
  11. NP - Robert B
  12. F - Karen C
  13. NP - Brian B
  14. NP - Andy & Katie
  15. M - Angela D
  16. M - Melanie C
  17. NP - Michael P
  18. M - Andrew B
  19. NP - Alicia S
  20. M - Justin C
  21. NP - Ricardo C
  22. NP - John & Alli
  23. NP - Amee S
  24. M - Jordan L
  25. NP - Christian Z
  26. M - Karen B
  27. F - Danielle E
  28. F - Donna W
  29. NP - Jefferson
  30. NP - Joyce & Fred
  31. NP - Kristen Mc
  32. F - Janice
  33. M - A. Ewers
  34. F - Truc H
  35. NP - April F
  36. NP - John B
  37. NP - Cynthia P
  38. M - Rachel Lee
  39. NP - Brian C
  40. F - Hunter S
  41. M - Audrey D
  42. F - David Sal
  43. M - Erin F
  44. NP - M. Anderson
  45. M - Alyssa D
  46. F - Cooper
  47. F - MartinB
  48. M - Coffey
  49. F - Dominique
  50. NP - J. Hudson
  51. M - Laura Pia
  52. M - Ursula
  53. NP - David Zaran
  54. NP - NKIM
  55. F - Lexie R
  56. NP - Jay P
  57. NP - Nicole & Jay
  58. NP - RosnerFamily
  59. F - Sunil
  60. NP - Capizzano
  61. F - Whiskey
  62. NP - D & R Krazer
  63. NP - Betsy C
  64. NP - OliverAmelia
  65. M - Pearson AKG
  66. F - Jennifer W
  67. NP - Sam & Chris
  68. M - Rach & Zach
  69. NP - Nikki & Max
  70. F - Sarah F
  71. M - Kyle
  72. F - Knaffle-Barr
  73. M - Reilly
  74. NP - Jeff/Angela
  75. M - Darren L
  76. F - Brindy
  77. M - C McHugh
  78. F - Siebert Fam
  79. NP - Keith S
  80. F - MurphyFamily
  81. F - FoulksFamily
  82. F - KellamFamily
  83. M - Michael & Liz
  84. F - Rose Family
  85. NP - Mayer Family
  86. F - Mindys
  87. F - Zim
  88. F - LosMartinez
  89. F - Roy Orbison

 F1 Standard

  1. F - Casey C
  2. NP - Kyle S
  3. NP - Cynthia P
  4. M - Chris & Emily
  5. F - Ryan N
  6. M - Rachel Gober
  7. M - Craig K
  8. F - Susan B
  9. NP - Nick S
  10. F - Paige B
  11. NP - Webb Family
  12. M - Tomas Alvarez
  13. F - Molidor Fam
  14. M - Rowell S
  15. NP - WilsonFamily
  16. NP - Brittany H

 F1B Mini

  1. NP - Joyce & Fred
  2. NP - Cox Family
  3. NP - Nami N
  4. M - Vickie P
  5. F - David Sal
  6. M - Sophie B
  7. NP - Whit-Lewis
  8. F - D&K Chendle
  9. NP - Patrick H
  10. M - Tracey Schma
  11. M - D Walker Fam
  12. NP - Bakritz
  13. NP - Jacob L
  14. NP - Lisa K
  15. F - Dominique
  16. NP - Karen Lusson
  17. F - N White
  18. M - Robin Ganz
  19. NP - Senta and The Dutchman
  20. F - Barbiedoodle
  21. NP - LevyFamily

Our general goal is to produce approximately 10 litters of F1 Mini Bernedoodles, 1-2 litters of F1b Mini Bernedoodles, and 2-3 litters of Standard Bernedoodles on an annual basis.
At this point the wait time for each breed is,

  • F1 Mini Bernedoodle = 12-18 months
  • F1 Standard Bernedoodle = 8-12 months
  • F1B Mini Bernedoodles = 10-14 months
These numbers are approximate and can vary significantly based on the many variables in our puppy life. We only breed our females if they are healthy and ready for pregnancy. Even then, there is no guarantee that they will have puppies, or how many they have if they do get pregnant.

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