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Walnut Valley Puppies is a multi generation family venture. My father, David, grew up on a farm surrounded by lots of animals. As a young boy, he got plenty of experience in farm life and all the things that go with it, including animal reproduction, etc. Dogs played a role in his upbringing and he introduced them to us children early on.

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When I was a young boy, we got our first family dog, and then several years later, dad utilized his farm experience in raising miniature Sheltie puppies. I was very young, but how well I remember the excitement! And then, the day came some years later when I was old enough to own my very own papa and mama dogs. I bought several beautiful Pomeranians, and was I ever happy to raise and sell puppies on my own! (Those little things still have a very special place in my heart)

Time passed and in 2009, I made a decision that turned out to be one of the best in my life. I married my beautiful sweetheart. After we were married a few years, I got the urge to raise puppies again, and the rest is history… HAPPILY “EVER SINCE!” 😄

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At one point, some years ago, Dad and I were both raising bernedoodles. After discussing and considering our options, we decided to merge our paths and support each other in this puppy venture. We never regretted it and have been so blessed to work together as a family. As my children are growing up, they are integrating into the process and thus the three generation puppy world keeps getting better.

Walnut Valley has been fortunate to receive the dedication of a few wonderful ladies who are investing a lot of time. There is so much to do and they stay busy helping keep WVP the great company it is. Tina is in the office doing desk work and staying in touch with customers, while Ruby spends her time with the dogs and puppies and delivering them to their new homes.

We are passionate about happy, healthy puppies, and equally passionate about our customers that join the WVP family. Customer service and satisfaction are extremely important to us, and we strive to exceed expectations in caring for our customers and their puppies. Our commitment is evident in the positive feedback and reviews we receive.

We realize that adopting a puppy involves a lot of time, money, and decisions, and we want to help where we can. Our goal is to provide the right puppy for the right home! It is very important to us that each puppy is healthy for years to come, and with that in mind, we offer a 2-year Genetic Health Guarantee. (See our policy page for more details.)

Thank you for taking the time to drop in and see our line of adult dogs, past and current puppies, and the rest of us here at Walnut Valley Puppies. We feel privileged to have the opportunity of serving our family of puppy owners, and would love to have you join in!

~Javin for the Rabers


When you adopt a Walnut Valley puppy, you become a member of our family!

We strive to create a community where all of our puppies and their families can stay connected with each other. We utilize Facebook and Instagram to interact with our “family”, and keep up with our four-legged friends as they grow and learn!
We encourage members of our Walnut Valley Family to connect with us on Facebook and Instagram by using #walnutvalleypuppies, and by tagging us in photos/videos of their pup!

Along with that, we also have an exclusive Facebook group, Walnut Valley Family, for those who have welcomed one of our pups into their home. This is a place where families can not only post pictures of their own pup, but also interact with all of their puppy’s litter mates and get to know the rest of the Walnut Valley Family!

If you think you could give one of our pups a great home, we would love to hear from you!

Fill out our application and tell us a bit about your family, and how one of our pups would fit into your life.

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